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Hans Haasis, Jr. - Biography

Hans Haasis, Jr., is President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as part owner of Omniteam, Inc. He has been in the food service industry since 1966, beginning with his apprenticeship with Local 250 of the AirConditioning, Refrigeration, and Mechanical Contractors Association of Southern California.  He, of course, achieved Journeyman status and obtained a wealth of experience in the field of food service refrigeration equipment and installation.

In 1985, he founded OmniTemp Refrigeration, a major supplier of remote refrigeration systems, blast chillers, up-flow evaporators and sushi cases.  He developed several related products and has been awarded ten (10) patents in the field of heat transfer and refrigerated fixture design in the United States, Canada and Australia.  In 2001, OmniTemp Refrigeration and Wesfac, a major supplier of bar equipment and production stainless refrigeration cases, merged to form Omniteam, Inc., and Mr. Haasis was named to his current position. 

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