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Hans Haasis, Jr., a refrigeration installation journeyman, established OmniTemp Refrigeration, a major supplier of remote refrigeration systems, blast chillers, up-flow evaporators, and sushi cases, in the City of Downey, CA, in 1985.  Donnie W. Hyatt, Sr., established Wesfac, Inc., a manufacturer of bar equipment and production stainless refrigeration cases, in 1982.  In 2001, OmniTemp Refrigeration and Wesfac, Inc. merged to form Omniteam, Inc., and Mr. Haasis became President and CEO of the new entity.

Over the years, OmniTemp and Wesfac and, thus, Omniteam, earned a well-deserved reputation for quality, long-lived products.  Mr. Haasis has developed several related products and has been awarded ten (10) patents in the field of heat transfer and refrigerated fixture design in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Mr. Hyatt developed a restaurant food preparation line patent in conjunction with the well-known Mexican restaurant chain, Taco Bell.

OmniTemp’s patented superior coil design delivers high volume, colder air, via special transflow blowers and adjustable curved air deflectors, directly onto the condiment pans, thus supplying maximum refrigeration.  These coils are NSF-7 listed, UL approved, and their compact design provides for easy installation and serviceability, enhanced by minimal, factory-direct lead times.

Omni’s Custom Series Underbar Equipment features all stainless steel construction, fully welded, ground and polished, with long lasting rigid construction (no pop rivets), high quality Chicago faucets, and full-length drainboard corrugation.

Omniteam, Inc., continues the commitment originally established by both OmniTemp and Wesfac, to provide quality products, flexibility for each unique client, and unparalleled  customer service.



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