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  • Performance tested by Food Service Tech Center (FSTC), an independent consulting test facility, retained by PG&E, and located in San Ramon, CA.
  • FSTC certified the Wok Water Saver (WWS) as operating at a 98% efficiency level.
  • WWS system incorporates:
    • A closed water re-circulating loop, powered by an external water chiller, to cool the cooking surface and to maintain a safe working temperature.
    • An adjustable stainless steel gas control valve to vary input to the burners.
    • A push-button swing-out utility faucet arm, which functions on a timer, to allow 0.5 gallons of water to flow through in 15 seconds, if and when required.
    • A waterfall system safety feature that will activate when re-circulating water temperature exceeds a pre-programmed temperature.
  • The 2-burner WWS table will save, on average, 1,320 gallons of water per day.
  • Reduced water usage will result in:
    • A savings of 2.33 barrels of oil per 2-burner WWS table in decreased energy requirements to pump water to Southern California, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Reduced wastewater costs.
  • Proven effectiveness in maintaining the table surface at safe operating temperatures while the burners are at full input for extended periods of time.
  • Optional heat-reclaim system for pre-heating water.
  • Patent Pending.
  • Average annual operating cost savings per 2-burner WOK: $4,689
    Note: Based upon a California average cost per unit of water (HCF) of $8, per FSTC Independent Testing.

    Wok Water Saver, Inc./Ominteam Inc.  Toll Free (800) 423-9660
    9300 Hall Road, Downey, CA.  90241


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